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What is the return policy?
Please email lauren@arocurtu.com to request a Return Authorization (RA) number. Returned jewelry cannot be accepted without an RA number, which needs to be requested within 1 week of receipt. Items must be returned in their original packaging in unused, perfect condition. The shipping fee is not refundable. Please send the returning merchandise with trackable shipping numbers via a carrier with insurance.
When will my purchase be shipped?
Jewelry on the website is ready to be shipped within two business days of purchase unless noted in the description of the individual piece. In case a piece gets sold out or is backordered, you will be notified within one business day.
How do I care for my Aroc Urtu jewelry?
The best way to care for your Aroc Urtu jewelry is to love it and wear it - a lot! Your natural body oils will enhance the stone and give it a natural luster. If you feel it needs some extra cleaning use a mild detergent on a soft cloth.

Where do your diamonds and gemstones come from?
We at Aroc Urtu are committed to using only diamonds that are certified to be Kimberly Certified Conflict Free Diamonds. We purchase our gemstones only from vendors who can verify the source of their stones. We also are vigilant in buying only rubies and sapphires that were not mined or extracted from Burma. This is because the gem trade in Burma is wrought with human rights abuses. Boycotting gems from Burmahelps stop the financial flow that supports the country's brutal military regime.

Is Aroc Urtu jewelry environmentally responsible?
We at Aroc Urtu strive to be as sensitive to the environment and have as little impact as possible. The clearest example of this is by using naturally beautiful found beach and river stones that require no mining or processing whatsoever. Zero environmental impact! The metal mining process creates toxic waste that is harmful to both the environment and its inhabitants.
We work with suppliers who use 100% reclaimed and recycled metals. Our jewelers are also vigilant about saving and reusing their scrap metal. We strive to constantly find ways of sourcing better, more environmentally friendly materials and methods so that Aroc Urtu jewelry will not only be beautiful on the wearer, but will help leave behind a more beautiful planet.

Do you do custom designs?

Absolutely! If you see something on the website that you would like made to your specifications please email us to discuss how we can accommodate you. We also will work with clients on designing pieces that are truly their own. Again, email us to discuss.

How will my Aroc Urtu jewelry arrive?
Your Aroc Urtu jewelry will arrive carefully packaged and nestled in its own natural hemp pouch. If you are shipping a gift please let us know upon checkout if you would like a gift card included.

Will my jewelry look exactly as it does on the website?
Each stone is unique unto itself - just as you are! We strive for complete accuracy in our photography of the pieces, but as every computer monitor displays differently,  there may be some slightcolor differences.

Will I be charged sales tax?
All items shipped to addresses in the state of New York will be charged sales tax.

Can I make an exchange rather than a return?
Exchanges can't be made for online purchases. After an item is returned a new order can then be placed.